Monday, November 15, 2004

Cellphone Gadget of Love

My latest cell phone is the Kyocera 7135. It is one cool cellphone. I've had it for a good 6 months. The color screen and the palm compatibility makes it invaluable to me. The MP3 player sucks, and the speaker isn't polyphonic, but none the less it is an absolutely great cellphone. I must admit that I am such a geek that I have the Star Trek computer voice saying "Incoming Subspace Message" as my ringer. I know, howls of laughter from the audience, but I am geek and I am proud.

I must admit that I play SolFree whenever I have some down time. It is a cool free solitaire program. I really suck at it tho. My daughter kicks my butt horribly at the program.

The best feature is that the phone closes up and the screen and keys are protected in my pocket. It is also small enough to fit in my shirt pocket comfortably.

The good news is, I would still purchase the 7135 today.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hello World...

This is a first for me. The first blog of my life.

Over the next little bit I'll post some interesting stuff (I hope), including some of the numerous programming tips I have accumulated over the past two decades. I have also got alot of useless comments and other trivia that should interest some and bore others to tears. So, check back if you ever find yourself in need of mind numbing programming tidbits.

I also love gadgets, so I'll post my thoughts on numerous gadgets that I either love or hate (there never is much in between is there??).